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Open Day Series


Teachers don’t approach prospective students to showcase their university. Instead, universities organise Open Days to allow students to experience it first hand, as opposed to simply hearing or reading about it. We aim to apply this same approach with students and the work place, reversing the traditional Industry Night model to maximise student experience and engagement.

Previous Open Day Series


Open Day Series 2022

August 2022

Open Day Series 2022 consisted of 16 firms hosting a range of events from site tours, design activities, office tours, graduate opportunities Q&A's and more. Participants were able to gain first hand experience through on-site activities relating to recent projects as well as experience each firm’s unique approach to the built industry. 


Open Day Series 2020

March 2020

Open Day Series 2020 was unfortunately affected by the lockdowns caused by the global pandemic and out of the 26 firms organised, only 3 were able to go ahead. This year we worked with engineering companies in addition to architecture, construction, landscape architecture, urban planning and property to broaden our student reach. 


Open Day Series 2019

March - April 2019

Open Day Series 2019 consisted of 23 firms hosting activities including site visits, q+a panel discussions, design activities and more. Students studying architecture, construction, planning and property were able to learn about the industry and meet professionals in this real world experience.


Open Day Series 2018

March - April 2019

For our first Open Day Series, the BIG committee coordinated with 22 companies and firms from across the architecture, construction, urban planning and property disciplines to run 22 unique Open Day events. Students got to meet industry professionals while taking part in a 2 hour activity including site visits, design competitions, q+a panels and networking afternoons. 

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