Committee Role Descriptions 

All Committee Members

As a committee, we work together to organise and co-ordinate events which connect students to the industry. Responsibilities include: 

  • Work with other committee members to organise Built Industry Group events.

  • Liaising with industry professionals and the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning staff.

  • Attend and actively participate in regular team meetings.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is primarily responsible for creating a targeted marketing strategy and promoting BIG’s events across all social media platforms. Responsibilities include: 

  • Managing all of BIG’s social media channels by keeping them up to date, coordinating posts and event launches. 

  • Planning, creating and executing targeted marketing material and strategies to promote BIG’s events using the Adobe Suite.

  • Maintaining BIG’s brand image and strong social media presence.

Operations Team

The operations team is primarily responsible for creating event registrations forms and preparing regular email communications with BIG’s members. Responsibilities include: 

  • Planning and creating targeted registration forms and post-event surveys for all BIG events. 

  • Regularly drafting and sending emails to BIG members to inform them of upcoming events, professional development and employment opportunities.

  • Regularly updating BIG's email database and list of members.



The treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of all BIG expenditure and applying for funding. Responsibilities include: 

  • Maintaining a detailed record of all BIG related expenditures and reimburse BIG committee members accordingly.

  • Reporting the monetary breakdown of each event to the Graduate Student Association.

  • Applying for grants and seeking funding opportunities

  • Creating an appropriate budget prior to each BIG event.